Hectare Market Garden

The 1.0 Hectare Market Garden is made up of ridges mulched with plastic film for the control of weeds. It is Equipped with Drip Irrigation which enables Production of Vegetables and Crops in both Rainy and Dry Seasons. Crops / Vegetables Produced in the Market Garden includes; Cucumbers, Peppers, Okra, Sweet Corn, Tomatoes and Cabbage.

Plantain Plantation

The Plantain Plantation covers an area of 1.2 Ha Planted with the variety; Plantago major. This Variety is known for its high yield and ability to withstand diseases and adverse weather conditions.

Paw Plantation

The approximate 0.6Ha paw – paw plantation consists of the variety; Red Royal. The interesting feature of the Red Royal is its ability to fruit at heights less than 1.2 meters. The Variety is also known for its high yield. It is irrigated using Sprinklers.

Free Range Poultry

Is for the Production of birds such as turkey, ducks, Sussex and naked – neck. As the name implies the birds are not confined rather they move around in a fenced perimeter and are cared for Semi – intensively. The Free Range Poultry has a capacity to hold up to 1,000 birds.

Concrete Fish Pond

The Twelve number Ultra Modern Concrete Fish Ponds are designed for the production of Catfish and Tilapia. Water from the Ponds drain into a subsurface reservoir from where it is used for Irrigation. Each of the Ponds holds up to 2,000 fish.


The 32- Pen Piggery includes features that make it easy for the management of Pigs. Waste from the Piggery can be easily flushed by gravity into a sub – surface reservoir thereby making it easy to clean the pens.

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